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Cancer Treatment - Sexual Side Effects for Men

Will cancer treatment affect your sex life?

cancer sexual side effects for men

Finding out you have cancer is a shocking and scary time for men. On top of all the other questions – many men also wonder: “will cancer treatment put an end to my sex life“?

Sexual effects for men facing cancer treatments can be short-term – such as low sex drive, fatigue, and anxiety- or long-term (like erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders).

Many people assume that people faced with cancer would lose all interest in sex as they would be completely preoccupied with their cancer and the treatment thereof. However, this is often not the case.

Men are very sexual creatures, and most men will still continue to be interested in the intimacy and enjoyment that a healthy sex life can produce. Having a satisfying sex life can produce many benefits for overall health.

If you enjoyed a healthy sex life before starting treatment, chances are you’ll still find pleasure in physical intimacy during your treatment. You may find that intimacy takes on a new meaning and you relate to your partner differently. Hugging, touching, holding, and cuddling may become more important, while sex may become less important.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 15 million people in the United States were living with cancer last year. And about 46% of them have sexual problems because of cancer and cancer treatment.

On top of that, more than 161,000 men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019, representing 19% of new cases. Lung and bronchus (air passages of the lungs) cancer comes in next, with almost 117,000 new cases expected (14% of new cancer diagnoses). Colon and rectal cancer ranks third, with over 71,000 cases (9% of new diagnoses).

Fortunately, survival rates have increased over the years. In 1975, only 68% of men with prostate cancer survived for five years. In 2012, the rate increased to 99%. Five-year survival rates for colon cancer rose from 50% to 66% during that same time period.

Higher survival rates are good news. But with that good news comes adjustments. For sexual relationships, there can be challenges. In fact, of those 15 million people mentioned above, about 46% have sexual problems due either to cancer or the treatment of cancer.

What sexual side effects can cancer treatment cause?

Male cancer patients and survivors often face sexual dysfunction, sometimes in the short term, and sometimes for years. These problems can include erectile dysfunction or impotence, sexual stamina problems or premature ejaculation, fertility problems – and more.

“What sexual side effects can I expect after treatment? “

Some sexual side effects immediately after cancer treatment can include the following.

Short term sexual side effects of cancer treatment:

Reduced sexual desire 

Erection problems

Loss of sexual stamina and/or fatigue

Depression or Anxiety


Not all of these issues are directly sexual, but they still apply. A man who is chronically tired or in pain may not have the energy for sex. If he can no longer work, he may feel anxious about providing for his family.

If his partner or children have had to care for him, he may feel like a burden to those he loves and become depressed. All of these issues can affect his sex life, and it’s not uncommon for them to overlap.

Long term sexual side effects of cancer treatment:

Erectile dysfunction

Ejaculatory disorders

Decreased sexual desire




Sexual Pain

A healthy sex life can be hard to maintain when there are so many physical and emotional factors involved.Get as much information from your doctor and other reliable sources as you can so that you understand what you can and can’t do before, during, and after treatment.

Also, you should talk with your partner about their concerns and what you feel OK with – which can change on an ongoing basis. If you have concerns about the sexual side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, your doctor should be able to answer most of your questions.

VIDEO - How Does Chemotherapy Affect Sex Life

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